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The Sharpest Blade is a puzzle-platformer in which you must save the princess from the evil sorcerer that has abducted her. However, the fight you will endure is no ordinary one, for while in hot pursuit, the sorcerer takes your sword and your stallion. Without them, you seem powerless. But are you really?

Upon entering each of the 20 levels, all you have is the entrance, the exit, and the name of the level. Keep your wits about you, for you will certainly need them.

You can learn more about the game's development and keep up with further exploits at our development blog, Indie by Night. If you want to talk to us, feel free to send an email at indiebynight at elrel dot com.

More information

Published3 years ago
AuthorElrel Studios
Tagsfacts, flash, java, knight, knowledge, Medieval, puzzler, tile
Player countSingleplayer

Install instructions

Simply download the appropriate version for your platform, extract the files, and open the executable. You are good to go!


The Sharpest Blade-Windows.zip (123 MB)
The Sharpest Blade-MacOSX.zip (123 MB)
The Sharpest Blade-Linux.zip (123 MB)